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Why Give

There are many reasons why people give. Whether you wish to contribute to providing excellence in rural health care, support the need for state-of-the-equipment, or give back to the community, The Palmerston and District Hospital Foundation appreciates your gift.

Share your Story


Palmerston and District Hospital serves the health care needs of approximately 15,000 people within the hospital's catchment area annually. If you were a patient or family member of a patient at Palmerston and District Hospital and would like to tell your story and share your experience with us, please submit Your Story.

If you are a donor and would like to share your story about why you feel it is important to support your local hospital through your gifts, please submit Your Story.

Please note that stories may be edited in the interest of space, and that by submitting Your Story, you give the Foundation permission to use it publicly.

We love to hear from you!



  • Our Mission

  • Palmerston and District Hospital Foundation is a strong partner for the perpetuation of quality rural health care. Working with NWHC, its staff, and the local community, we will create a spirit of giving, goodwill, and support for our hospital.
  • Contact Us

  • Palmerston and District Hospital Foundation
  • 500 Whites Road, P.O. Box 130
  • Palmerston, ON N0G 2P0
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  • Development Officer: Dale Franklin
  • Phone: (519) 343-2030, ext. 87701
  • Main Fax: (519) 343-3821