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Memorial Gifts

A memorial gift is a donation made honouring the memory of someone who has passed away.

In Palmerston and Drayton, memorials gifts can be made through Heritage Funeral Homes in person.  In Harriston, gifts may be made through Hardy-Lee Funeral Homes, both in person or through the funeral home’s website. Please be sure to provide your name and full mailing address and indicate the name of loved one you are remembering. 

As a reminder, the Foundation may not know family members of the deceased. If you wish the Foundation to notify the family of the gift you make, please provide the family’s name and complete mailing address.

For funeral homes outside of the Minto - Mapleton area, please provide the mailing address of the Foundation:

The Palmerston and District Hospital Foundation
500 Whites Road
Palmerston ON
N0G 2P0

Memorials may also be made directly to the Foundation using our convenient online options:

You may Donate a preset amount by clicking one of buttons below:






If you prefer, you can Donate a specific amount by entering the value you wish to donate in the box below:


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