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Ways to Give

Your gift helps our Foundation achieve our goal in supporting the North Wellington Health Care mission of its dedication to providing quality and passionate health care to improve the health status of our community and build a centre of excellence in rural health.

Your gift to us is a gift to our community as we work together to achieve excellent rural healthcare and a healthier community.
Every eligible donation received by the Foundation will be receipted by December 31st and will be mailed out in January of the following year, just in time to file your income tax return.

General Donations

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You can make a one-time donation or you can pledge your donation and make your payments over time.

Planned Giving

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Leaving a Legacy through Planned Giving

In Kind Donations

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In kind gifts are not gifts of cash but services or items donated to the hospital in order that priority needs can be met.

In Celebration

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A celebration donation gift is a donation made to the Foundation in someone else's name.

Memorial Gifts

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A memorial gift is a donation made honouring the memory of someone who has passed away.

Corporate Giving

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Several companies match their employees’ personal donations that are made to charities


  • Our Mission

  • Palmerston and District Hospital Foundation is a strong partner for the perpetuation of quality rural health care. Working with NWHC, its staff, and the local community, we will create a spirit of giving, goodwill, and support for our hospital.
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