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Patient Relations

Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC).

The Wellington Health Care Alliance (WHCA) - Groves Memorial Community Hospital, Louise Marshall Hospital, and Palmerston and District Hospital - recognizes that patients, families and caregivers are a critical part of our health care team and are experts in their experience within healthcare. Our goal is to engage patients and families in decisions that affect them. Patient and Family Advisors ensure the patient and family perspective is embedded in decision making and drive programs and services to be tailored to our unique patient populations. This contributes to the best possible outcomes and patient experience.

Efforts will be made to recruit volunteers from equity-deserving groups who face additional barriers, discrimination and racism in the healthcare system. Whenever possible we will seek voices from individuals with experiences of health inequity and who bring a different perspective to the table.

WHCA is recruiting for the following volunteer opportunities:

WHCA Patient, Family and Caregiver Advisory Council (PFAC)

PFAC is an organized group of patients, family members of patients, caregivers and people with lived experience who are an important team within the WHCA. Its goal is to contribute the patient and family voice to the ongoing design and development of equitable, integrated healthcare in the WHCA.

Time commitment is minimum 2 hours bi-monthly. The meeting time will be set in the evening. There will be opportunity for more project-based work on occasion.

Occasional Engagement

The WHCA is committed to connect with a variety of patients, families and caregivers. We recognize that not all volunteers are able to make a regular commitment. There will be times when the WHCA will want recommendations from a broader group in order to fully understand patients and families’ experiences on a certain topic.

This time commitment will vary and participation in the opportunities will be optional. There is no ongoing commitment required.

The main method of communication about upcoming opportunities will be through email. The engagement may be virtual or in person.

Please note:

  • If you have questions, please email or call 519-843-2010 ext. 40718
  • There will be an orientation and training to get you started
  • A vulnerable sector police check will be required.
  • Hybrid meetings


  • 18 years of age or older
  • Within the last 3 years, you or your family have experienced the services at any of the WHCA sites (Groves Memorial Community Hospital, Louise Marshall Hospital or Palmerston and District Hospital)

Key qualities would include:

  • Respect for diversity and welcoming of differences of perspective
  • Ability to think about healthcare “in big picture” ways
  • A “can do”, positive attitude
  • Collaborative approach to working with staff and other members of the public
  • Respect for privacy and confidentiality
  • Ability to consider a range of possible solutions and the ability to offer constructive advice and alternatives
  • Can represent patient, family or caregiver perspectives
  • Ability to use your lived experiences to help make positive change
  • Ability to support group recommendations even if of a different opinion

Patient Relations

During your time at the hospital, we encourage you to discuss your questions and concerns with a member of your health-care team (i.e. nurse or treating physician).

If there are certain matters which you feel require further attention, you may contact the Manager of Quality and Patient Safety at 519-843-2010 ext 40718 or e-mail:


Patient Safety

Louise Marshall Hospital and Palmerston and District Hospital are committed to providing safe and quality health care.

We encourage you to take an active role in your treatment to ensure that you receive the best care possible because you are the most important advocate in your health and wellbeing.

Here’s how you can take an active role in your patient safety:

  • Be involved in your care by asking questions and stating any concerns you may have
  • Share important health information with your care team such as your health history, medications and allergies
  • Bring all of your medications with you
  • Wash your hands and make sure that your visitors also wash their hands
  • Make sure you understand your hospital discharge plan when you leave the hospital

    Service Available at: 

    Louise Marshall Hospital

    630 Dublin Street
    Mount Forest, ON
    N0G 2L3

    (519) 323-2210

    Palmerston and District Hospital

    500 Whites Road
    Palmerston, ON
    N0G 2P0

    (519) 343 2030

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