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Harriston Boy 'paying it forward' to Palmerston and District Hospital

HARRISTON — Four-year-old Lawson King of Harriston has been through a lot the past few months.

On May 27, while playing in his backyard on the swings, he had an accident that resulted in two of his teeth being pulled and the bone in the roof of his mouth being surgically reattached.

“He was playing on the swings, on his belly like all kids do,” recalled his mother, Caitlin King. “Then the seat slid out, caught his face and he got hurt.”

Lawson, Caitlin and Lawson’s father, Trevor, rushed over to the Palmerston and District Hospital that night. Lawson, in shock from his injury, was comforted by two things that the staff at the hospital did: the doctor allowed him to watch the TV show Paw Patrol on his phone, and one of the emergency room nurses game him a teddy bear.

“He was so brave,” recalled Caitlin. “I get a canker and I am a wreck for a week, and here he was, in obvious pain, and he was so great.”

Lawson was sent to London, where a team surgically repaired his mouth, but it was the kindness of the staff at Palmerston that stuck with him.

Recently, Lawson asked his mother if they could go to Walmart and pick out some stuffed animals to give to the hospital.

“He just came and asked us one day if we could go and get some stuffed animals to give to the hospital, so that other boys and girls could feel better like he did,” recalled Caitlin. “I said, ‘Absolutely.’”

So, off to the store they went, where they bought two teddy bears — one boy and one girl — and dropped them off at the hospital on Aug. 4.

“I wanted to give the teddy bears in case another little boy or girls needs one when they’re at the hospital,” said Lawson.

Dale Franklin, development officer for the Palmerston and District Hospital Foundation, said she loved the donation.

"I love this little donation from our pint-sized philanthropist," she said.

Today, that teddy Lawson got at the Palmerston hospital is still with him. The bear affectionately known as “TrevorCaitlin” sleeps with Lawson at night, and is by his side on long road trips to see family.

Caitlin said she couldn’t be prouder of Lawson.

“I cry every time I think about it, because it’s the sweetest thing,” she said. “Not a lot of kids do that. Obviously, when he got the teddy, it made a big impact on him. We couldn’t be prouder of him.”

by Mike Wilson from Minto Express


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